City of Poway

City Council, 2nd District

Barry Leonard

Barry Leonard

Republican | Birthdate: Jul 29, 1955 (Age 68)

Councilmember, City of Poway
District Analysis
District map

The residential landscape of the district is both varied and upscale, reflecting Poway's commitment to high-quality living. Stoneridge Chateaus is notable for its well-designed homes set in a tranquil environment, offering residents a peaceful retreat from the urban hustle. In contrast, Bridlewood Country Estates and Bridlewood Lakeside represent the epitome of luxury suburban living, with spacious properties that often feature impressive views and amenities. These communities, along with Range View Estates, Sycamore Creek, and Stone Canyon Ranch, each have their unique appeal, yet collectively contribute to the district’s reputation for offering an upscale lifestyle.

The Blue Sky Ecological Reserve is a centerpiece of the district’s natural offerings. This protected area is not only a refuge for local wildlife but also a recreational haven for residents. The reserve’s trails meander through diverse habitats, providing a natural escape where people can enjoy hiking, bird watching, and educational programs about the local ecosystem. This commitment to preserving such a significant natural space underscores the district’s balance between development and environmental stewardship.

Education in the district is anchored by Poway High School, known for its strong academic programs and active community involvement. The school is more than just an educational institution; it's a focal point for local events and youth activities, fostering a sense of community among residents. This strong educational presence adds to the district's appeal for families looking for a supportive environment for growth and learning.

In addition to these residential and natural features, the district is also known for its accessibility, greatly enhanced by the inclusion of Highway 67. This major roadway is vital for connecting residents to the larger San Diego area, facilitating both daily commutes and leisure travel. The ease of access provided by this highway is a key factor in the district’s appeal, offering the convenience of connectivity while maintaining the tranquility of a suburban setting.

In conclusion, the 2nd Council District of Poway is a well-rounded area that successfully blends upscale residential living with natural beauty and educational excellence. The district’s diverse neighborhoods, commitment to environmental preservation, strong educational focus, and strategic connectivity come together to create an attractive and desirable area within Poway, appealing to a wide range of residents seeking quality and comfort in their living environment.

Campaign for City of Poway - City Council, 2nd District November 05, 2024
Candidate Last Report Total Raised Total Spent Debt Cash-on-Hand Net COH
headshot Jared Wilson (R)
Police Officer
12-31-23 $25,244.79 $6,732.33 $10,250.00 $18,762.46 $8,512.46
headshot Tony Blain (R)
12-31-23 $4,330.56 $1,854.90 $250.00 $3,111.32 $2,861.32
* = Incumbent(s)
9,332 Registered Voters as of 01/12/24 R +7.48%
2,922 Voters
3,620 Voters
2,790 Voters
District Historical Candidate Performance
Election DEM REP Margin
2022 Gubernatorial Newsom - 44.84% Dahle - 55.16% R +10.3%
2020 Presidential Biden - 49.4% Trump - 48.3% D +1.10%
2018 Gubernatorial Newsom - 40.2% Cox - 59.8% R +19.60%
2016 Presidential Clinton - 42.9% Trump - 50.4% R +7.50%
2020 Census Data
Total Population Total White Hispanic Black Asian Native Pacific
11,700 73.3% 9.8% 1.9% 13.0% 2.0% 0.7%