San Diego County

Board of Supervisors, 1st District

Nora Vargas

Nora Vargas

Democrat | Birthdate: Oct 14, 1971 (Age 52)

Supervisor, San Diego County
District Analysis
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San Diego County's Board of Supervisors District 1, located in the southwestern part of the county, is a vibrant and diverse area marked by its urban centers, proximity to the international border, and a rich tapestry of cultures. The district encompasses the entire cities of Chula Vista, Imperial Beach, and National City, along with portions of the City of San Diego.

Chula Vista, a significant city within the district, is known for its rapid growth and suburban development, alongside an increasing urbanization that adds to the district's economic and cultural diversity. Imperial Beach, as a coastal city, contributes to the district's scenic beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities. National City's blend of commercial and industrial bases adds another layer to the district's multifaceted economic landscape.

Within the City of San Diego, the district includes communities such as Barrio Logan, Otay Mesa, Otay Mesa-Nestor, San Ysidro, Southeastern San Diego, and Tijuana River Valley, each contributing its unique flavor. Barrio Logan stands out for its rich Hispanic cultural heritage, while Otay Mesa and San Ysidro, located near the U.S.-Mexico border, are pivotal in shaping the district's border-related dynamics and cultural exchanges.

The district's inclusion of parts of Downtown San Diego brings an element of urban vibrancy and economic activity. This urban core, alongside the various other communities in the district, showcases a blend of historical significance, cultural richness, and modern development.

The district's southern and western borders, running along the international border and up the Pacific coast, respectively, highlight its strategic geographical position. This proximity influences not just the district's cultural and economic character but also its broader regional importance.

Furthermore, the district encompasses various unincorporated areas such as Otay and Sweetwater, adding to its diverse landscape that ranges from urban centers to more suburban and open spaces.

Overall, Board of Supervisors District 1 is characterized by its urban density, rich cultural diversity, and strategic location along the international border. Its mix of vibrant city centers, coastal beauty, and culturally rich communities make it a distinct and dynamic part of San Diego County.

Candidate Last Report Total Raised Total Spent Debt Cash-on-Hand Net COH
headshot Nora Vargas* (D)
Supervisor, San Diego County
12-31-23 $182,191.16 $68,220.80 $13,652.14 $121,757.39 $108,105.25
headshot Alejandro Galicia (R)
Small Business Owner
12-31-23 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
* = Incumbent(s)
355,773 Registered Voters as of 01/02/24 D +26.95%
167,964 Voters
72,077 Voters
115,732 Voters
District Historical Candidate Performance
Election DEM REP Margin
2022 Gubernatorial Newsom - 62.05% Dahle - 37.95% D +24.1%
2020 Presidential Biden - 66.6% Trump - 31.2% D +35.40%
2018 Gubernatorial Newsom - 65.8% Cox - 34.2% D +31.60%
2016 Presidential Clinton - 68.9% Trump - 25.6% D +43.30%
2020 Census Data
Total Population Total White Hispanic Black Asian Native Pacific
638,236 17.2% 61.3% 7.7% 15.0% 3.3% 1.1%

2020 General Election Results (November 3, 2020)
Name Votes Vote % Vote Share
Nora Vargas (D) 131,783 56.58%
Ben Hueso (D) 101,133 43.42%
2020 Primary Election Results (March 3, 2020)
Name Votes Vote % Vote Share
Ben Hueso (D) 32,263 29.29%
Nora Vargas (D) 20,767 18.86%
Rafa Castellanos (D) 17,934 16.28%
Sophia Rodriguez 16,634 15.1%
Alex Galicia 13,232 12.01%
Henry Belisle 4,035 3.66%
Camilo Marquez 2,679 2.43%
Tony Villafranca 2,591 2.35%