City of Chula Vista

City Council, 1st District

Carolina Chavez

Carolina Chavez

Democrat | Birthdate: May 26, 1984 (Age 39)

Councilmember, City of Chula Vista
District Analysis
District map

Chula Vista's 1st District, occupying the northeastern part of the city, is a dynamic area marked by educational institutions, vibrant communities, and recreational spaces. This district, reshaped during the 2020 redistricting process, now includes key areas and landmarks that contribute to its distinct character.

A significant addition to the district is Southwestern Community College. This educational institution not only serves as a hub for higher learning but also plays a vital role in community engagement and cultural activities. Its presence in the district enhances the area's educational landscape and provides a center for community events and programs.

The district primarily encompasses the communities of Eastlake and Rolling Hills Ranch. Eastlake, known for its planned residential developments and commercial centers, offers a suburban lifestyle with a variety of amenities. The community is designed with an emphasis on family living, providing residents with parks, shopping centers, and schools, all contributing to its appeal as a desirable place to live.

Rolling Hills Ranch adds to the district's residential appeal, offering a mix of housing options set against the backdrop of well-maintained landscapes and open spaces. The community's layout fosters a sense of neighborhood cohesion and accessibility.

Educational facilities play a prominent role in the district, with both Bonita Vista High School and Eastlake High School located within its boundaries. These schools are more than educational institutions; they serve as centers for youth activities, sports, and community gatherings, reinforcing the district's family-oriented atmosphere.

Eastlake Village, another key area within the district, combines residential and commercial elements. This neighborhood offers shopping, dining, and leisure opportunities, creating a convenient and vibrant community hub.

Overall, Chula Vista's 1st District is characterized by its blend of educational institutions like Southwestern Community College, family-centric communities such as Eastlake and Rolling Hills Ranch, and the presence of significant high schools. These elements come together to create a district that is not only a residential and educational center but also a hub for community and cultural activities, playing a crucial role in the broader tapestry of Chula Vista.

44,517 Registered Voters as of 01/19/24 D +16.69%
19,271 Voters
11,840 Voters
13,406 Voters
District Historical Candidate Performance
Election DEM REP Margin
2020 Presidential Biden - 64.4% Trump - 34.0% D +30.40%
2018 Gubernatorial Newsom - 61.6% Cox - 38.4% D +23.20%
2016 Presidential Clinton - 66.0% Trump - 29.4% D +36.60%
2020 Census Data
Total Population Total White Hispanic Black Asian Native Pacific
69,070 13.9% 43.3% 11.1% 34.7% 2.4% 1.5%

2022 General Election Results (November 8, 2022)
Name Votes Vote % Vote Share
Carolina Chavez (D) 10,275 53.52%
Marco Contreras (R) 8,925 46.48%
2022 Primary Election Results (June 7, 2022)
Name Votes Vote % Vote Share
Carolina Chavez (D) 4,696 34.48%
Marco Contreras (R) 3,742 27.47%
Francisco Rivera (D) 2,385 17.51%
Robert Cromer (D) 1,608 11.81%
Mark Liuag (D) 1,190 8.74%
2018 General Election Results (November 6, 2018)
Name Votes Vote % Vote Share
John McCann (R) 11,945 51.66%
Lisa Bartlett (R) 11,178 48.34%