City of Oceanside

City Council, 3rd District

Ryan Keim

Ryan Keim

Republican | Birthdate: Mar 04, 1982 (Age 42)

Councilmember, City of Oceanside

District Analysis
District map

Oceanside's 3rd Council District, positioned in the southern part of the city, offers a rich blend of educational, commercial, and recreational amenities set against a backdrop of both coastal and suburban landscapes.

The district's western edge is framed by the Pacific Ocean, providing the area with a quintessential Southern California beachfront. This coastal proximity plays a significant role in the district's lifestyle and recreational offerings, with areas like St. Malo Beach enhancing the local beach culture and community life.

Oceanside Boulevard to the north serves as a bustling arterial road, marking the start of the district's diverse urban landscape. This thoroughfare is a vital link within the district, connecting various neighborhoods and commercial areas.

The southern border adjoining Carlsbad and the eastern border with Vista encompass a mix of residential communities and commercial zones. South Oceanside, a notable neighborhood within the district, exemplifies a blend of laid-back coastal living and a tightly-knit community atmosphere, contributing to the district's charm.

Miracosta College stands as a key educational institution in the district. It's not only a center for higher learning but also a contributor to the local culture and economy. The college adds an intellectual vibrancy to the district and serves as a venue for various cultural and community events.

Commercial activity in the district is robust, with shopping centers like Pacific Coast Plaza, El Camino North, and Camino Town and Country offering a range of retail, dining, and service options. These centers are crucial in meeting the everyday needs of the district's residents and act as gathering spots for the community.

Eternal Hills Cemetery, amidst the urban and suburban spread, provides a tranquil and historical space, reflecting the district's respect for its heritage and offering a place of remembrance for the community.

Recreational facilities and green spaces like Joseph Sepulveda Park and Joseph Carrasco Park offer residents leisure and sports opportunities, enhancing the district's livability. The El Camino Country Club, another significant feature, adds to the district's recreational options with its golf course and social amenities.

In summary, Oceanside's 3rd Council District is a vibrant and diverse area, marked by its coastal attributes, educational presence, commercial hubs, and recreational spaces. The district offers a unique experience that combines the relaxed beachfront lifestyle with the dynamic pulse of urban living, making it an integral part of the city's fabric.

Campaign for City of Oceanside - City Council, 3rd District November 05, 2024
Candidate Last Report Total Raised Total Spent Debt Cash-on-Hand Net COH
headshot Laura Bassett (R)
12-31-23 $37,721.99 $15,059.35 $4,158.00 $22,662.64 $18,504.64
headshot Josh Raines (R)
12-31-23 $32,393.00 $11,114.54 $3,000.00 $21,278.46 $18,278.46
headshot Jaime Figueroa (D)
12-31-23 $14,173.05 $4,617.82 $79.00 $9,555.23 $9,476.23
* = Incumbent(s)
29,670 Registered Voters as of 01/10/23 D +8.35%
11,596 Voters
9,118 Voters
8,956 Voters
District Historical Candidate Performance
Election DEM REP Margin
2022 Gubernatorial Newsom - 53.59% Dahle - 46.41% D +7.2%
2020 Presidential Biden - 56.5% Trump - 40.9% D +15.60%
2018 Gubernatorial Newsom - 53.1% Cox - 46.9% D +6.20%
2016 Presidential Clinton - 51.4% Trump - 42.5% D +8.90%
2020 Census Data
Total Population Total White Hispanic Black Asian Native Pacific
45,137 56.1% 30.2% 4.0% 7.8% 3.0% 1.7%

2020 General Election Results (November 3, 2020)
Name Votes Vote % Vote Share
Ryan Keim (R) 8,759 38.22%
Shari Mackin (D) 8,042 35.09%
Amber Newman (D) 2,243 9.79%
Kellie Davis (DTS) 1,489 6.5%
Bill Batchelor (D) 1,314 5.73%
David Zernik (D) 1,068 4.66%