City of El Cajon

City Council, 4th District

Phil Ortiz

Phil Ortiz

Republican | Birthdate: Dec 22, 1984 (Age 39)

Councilmember, City of El Cajon

District Analysis
District map

El Cajon's 4th Council District, situated in the central and southern part of the city, blends community parks, educational facilities, and residential areas, framed by significant boundaries including unincorporated San Diego County to the south, South 2nd Street to the east, Main Street to the north, and Magnolia Ave & Emerald Ave to the west.

Tuttle Park is a notable feature within the district, offering recreational space for residents. This park, along with Renette Park and Stoney's Neighborhood Park, provides a range of amenities including playgrounds, picnic areas, and sports facilities. These green spaces are not just recreational areas but also serve as community gathering spots, fostering a sense of neighborhood togetherness.

The district is also home to several schools, which are integral to the community. Chase Avenue Elementary, Anza Elementary, and Lexington Elementary provide foundational education to the district's younger residents. These schools are more than educational institutions; they are vital components of the district's community fabric, offering various programs and activities that enhance the local neighborhood's family-friendly atmosphere.

Prescott Promenade Park adds another layer to the district's community spaces. This park is a venue for local events and activities, contributing to the district's vibrant community life. The presence of such a park within the district enhances its appeal as a place for leisure and social interaction.

Overall, the 4th Council District of El Cajon is characterized by its blend of community parks, educational institutions, and residential neighborhoods. This mix creates a district that is not only conducive to family living but also central to the city's community engagement and recreational activities, making it an important and lively part of El Cajon.

10,388 Registered Voters as of 01/12/24 D +2.51%
3,554 Voters
3,293 Voters
3,541 Voters
District Historical Candidate Performance
Election DEM REP Margin
2022 Gubernatorial Newsom - 47.37% Dahle - 52.63% R +5.3%
2020 Presidential Biden - 44.9% Trump - 53.1% R +8.20%
2018 Gubernatorial Newsom - 50.7% Cox - 49.3% D +1.40%
2016 Presidential Clinton - 48.0% Trump - 46.2% D +1.80%
2020 Census Data
Total Population Total White Hispanic Black Asian Native Pacific
25,655 56.0% 27.8% 7.9% 7.8% 2.2% 1.0%

2020 General Election Results (November 3, 2020)
Name Votes Vote % Vote Share
Phil Ortiz (R) 3,081 45.57%
Estela De Los Rios (D) 1,611 23.83%
Dunia Shaba 1,341 19.83%
Billy Thigpen (D) 728 10.77%