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Coronado, often referred to as Coronado Island, is a distinctive community within San Diego County, known for its idyllic beaches, iconic landmarks, and historic significance. Unlike the broader landscapes of districts that span both urban and rural areas, Coronado presents a more concentrated and unique blend of cultural, historical, and geographical attributes.

Geographically, Coronado is a narrow peninsula connected to the mainland by a thin strip of land called the Silver Strand. Its proximity to downtown San Diego, yet separation by San Diego Bay, gives it a unique island-like feel, distinguishing it from other communities within the county. The area is renowned for its picturesque beaches that stretch along the Pacific Ocean, making it a prime destination for tourists and a desirable place for residents who value coastal living.

Culturally and historically, Coronado is anchored by the Hotel del Coronado, a legendary Victorian beachfront resort that has hosted presidents, royalty, and celebrities since its opening in 1888. This landmark not only contributes to the community's historical depth but also plays a central role in its tourism economy. The Naval Air Station North Island on the north end of the peninsula underscores Coronado's significant military presence, highlighting the area's strategic importance and its role in shaping local culture and economy.

Demographically, Coronado is characterized by a well-educated and affluent population, with a strong presence of military personnel and their families due to the naval base. The community's demographic makeup contributes to its distinct social fabric, which combines a sense of tight-knit community pride with an openness to visitors and new residents. This blend of military and civilian life enriches the local culture, offering a unique living experience that balances tradition, service, and coastal leisure.

One of the key challenges facing Coronado is balancing growth and development with the preservation of its historic character and natural beauty. The community is largely built-out, with limited space for new development, leading to high property values and a focus on maintaining and enhancing existing infrastructure and historic properties. Additionally, traffic and accessibility can be challenging, especially during peak tourist seasons, due to its geographic constraints and reliance on a few key access points.

Coronado's political framework is characterized by its at-large election system, where the mayor and council members are elected citywide rather than representing specific districts. This system is in place for both the mayor and two council seats during presidential election cycles, with the remaining council seats elected two years later.

The city exhibits a Republican lean, with a modest registration advantage for Republicans, consistently supporting Republican candidates at the top of the ticket in prior cycles. An exception occurred in 2020, when Biden secured the city by more than 7%. Despite a historical Republican majority, Coronado's electorate has shown a willingness to elect Democrats, indicating a pragmatic approach to voting. Mayor Richard Bailey, in office since 2016, is approaching the end of his term due to term limits, making the mayoral seat open for the 2024 general election.

In summary, Coronado stands out as a jewel within San Diego County, marked by its coastal charm, historic significance, and vibrant community life. Its unique geography, combined with a rich cultural and historical tapestry, creates a living environment that is both exclusive and welcoming. The challenges it faces in terms of development and traffic are counterbalanced by the community's efforts to preserve its unique character and quality of life, making it a distinct and desirable place to live and visit within the region.

List of Offices & Districts
District Incumbent Term Expires Registration Advantage
Mayor headshot Richard Bailey (R) 2024 R +5.76%
City Council headshot Mike Donovan (R) 2024 R +5.76%
City Council headshot Carrie Anne Downey (D) 2026 R +5.76%
City Council headshot Casey Tanaka (D) 2024 R +5.76%
City Council headshot John Duncan (R) 2026 R +5.76%
Current Registration Data (As of February 01, 2024)
10,997 31.50% 37.26% 31.24% R +5.76%
Candidate Performance
Election DEM REP Margin Turnout
2022 Gubernatorial Newsom - 46.9% Dahle - 53.1% R +6.2%
2020 Presidential Biden - 52.57% Trump - 45.31% D +7.26% 89.23%
2018 Gubernatorial Newsom - 44.97% Cox - 55.03% R +10.06% 74.77%
2016 Presidential Clinton - 45.31% Trump - 47.43% R +2.12% 87.12%
2014 Gubernatorial Brown - 39.61% Kashkari - 60.39% R +20.78% 60.89%
2012 Presidential Obama - 38.88% Romney - 58.86% R +19.98% 83.91%
Ballot Measure Performance
Ballot Item Description Yes No Margin
Prop 51 (2016) School Facility Bonds 46.86% 53.14% -6.28%
Prop 62 (2016) Death Penalty Repeal 38.89% 61.11% -22.22%
Prop 6 (2018) Gas Tax Repeal 53.66% 46.34% 7.31%
Prop 15 (2020) Prop 13 Split-Roll 33.34% 66.66% -33.31%
Prop 16 (2020) Repeal Affirmative Action 30.77% 69.23% -38.46%
Prop 21 (2020) Allow Local Rent Control 25.01% 74.99% -49.97%