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Del Mar, nestled along the Pacific coastline of San Diego County, epitomizes the quintessence of a Southern California beach town, combining upscale living with the natural beauty of its surroundings. It is distinguished by its compact size, stunning beaches, and the famed Del Mar Racetrack, making it a notable locale within the region for both residents and visitors alike.

Geographically, Del Mar is one of the smallest cities in San Diego County, featuring a mix of beachfront properties, rolling hills, and canyons that provide a picturesque setting against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. Its geography contributes to its reputation as a serene coastal enclave, offering residents and visitors access to some of the region's most beautiful beaches, including Del Mar City Beach and Torrey Pines State Beach. The city's natural landscapes, including the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, afford opportunities for hiking, bird watching, and other outdoor activities, reinforcing Del Mar's connection to its natural environment.

Culturally and historically, Del Mar is synonymous with horse racing and its summer fair, hosted at the Del Mar Racetrack since 1937. These events have long been central to the city's identity, drawing visitors from across the globe and playing a pivotal role in its economy and social calendar. Beyond the racetrack, Del Mar's Village area offers a vibrant mix of boutique shopping, fine dining, and artisanal offerings, reflecting the city's upscale and cultured atmosphere.

Demographically, Del Mar is known for its affluent and well-educated population. The city's demographic profile is characterized by a higher-than-average median income and property values, reflective of its desirability as a residential area and its limited housing inventory. This exclusivity contributes to a tight-knit community atmosphere, with a strong emphasis on preserving the city's charm and quality of life.

One of the challenges Del Mar faces is managing development pressure while maintaining its character and natural resources. The city's desirable location and limited land availability have led to debates over housing development, environmental conservation, and the preservation of historical sites. Moreover, Del Mar grapples with issues related to coastal erosion and sea level rise, necessitating proactive measures to protect its beaches and cliffside properties.

In summary, Del Mar stands as a unique gem within San Diego County, characterized by its luxurious coastal lifestyle, rich cultural heritage, and commitment to preserving its natural beauty. Its blend of geographic splendor, historical significance, and demographic affluence creates a distinct living environment that is both exclusive and environmentally conscious. The city's approach to balancing development with environmental and historical preservation exemplifies its dedication to maintaining a high quality of life for its residents and attractiveness to visitors.

List of Offices & Districts
District Incumbent Term Expires Registration Advantage
City Council headshot Tracy Martinez (D) 2024 D +15.67%
City Council headshot Terry Gaasterland (D) 2026 D +15.67%
City Council headshot Dwight Worden (D) 2026 D +15.67%
City Council headshot Dave Druker (D) 2024 D +15.67%
City Council headshot Dan Quirk (R) 2024 D +15.67%
Current Registration Data (As of February 01, 2024)
3,210 43.46% 27.79% 28.75% D +15.67%
Candidate Performance
Election DEM REP Margin Turnout
2022 Gubernatorial Newsom - 58.79% Dahle - 41.21% D +17.6%
2020 Presidential Biden - 63.51% Trump - 34.23% D +29.28% 91.84%
2018 Gubernatorial Newsom - 58.9% Cox - 41.1% D +17.80% 83.17%
2016 Presidential Clinton - 61.09% Trump - 31.98% D +29.11% 89.98%
2014 Gubernatorial Brown - 57.94% Kashkari - 42.06% D +15.88% 56.00%
2012 Presidential Obama - 53.0% Romney - 44.85% D +8.15% 87.91%
Ballot Measure Performance
Ballot Item Description Yes No Margin
Prop 51 (2016) School Facility Bonds 52.61% 47.39% 5.22%
Prop 62 (2016) Death Penalty Repeal 48.73% 51.27% -2.54%
Prop 6 (2018) Gas Tax Repeal 40.60% 59.40% -18.81%
Prop 15 (2020) Prop 13 Split-Roll 39.48% 60.52% -21.03%
Prop 16 (2020) Repeal Affirmative Action 39.87% 60.13% -20.25%
Prop 21 (2020) Allow Local Rent Control 28.47% 71.53% -43.06%